2.2. Get Shipping Rates

In order to start using the addon, please, go to the orders section and select the orders that you would like to create labels for and using right-mouse click you can see the list of options, select there Addons/Print USPS Shipping labels after that you have to sign in to your Stamps.com account. Please, specify your username and password in order to connect to your account using our module.

If you are not registered yet, you are welcome to create your account at: http://www.stamps.com. Press 'Authenticate' button to log in.

Now you can get started.

First of all, you will see the Shipping Management wizard.

This wizard allows to setup all required settings, it contains 6 sections:

  • Account info

  • Store Settings

  • Postage Label Options

  • Package Type Options

  • Store Address

  • Extended Logging

The Account Info section displays your customer's detailed data.

At Store Settings you can set custom tracking number field and choose unit of weight. Also this section allows to automatically update shipping cost and order shipping address.

By using Postage Labels Options section you can manage confirmation of delivery, order content type and other postage options.

Package Type Options allow you to configure default mail piece and default package weight. For example you can create different sizes for packages and choose one as default:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stamps.com generates a list of package types that are allowed for any specific type of shipping all of them are shown in Store Manager.

Also package weight is considered for these calculationst and it has to meet certain standards.

Thus, you can choose the most appropriate package size and weight from the list offered.

There's no way to add any other shipping types except of the provided list. For details about shipping rules, please, contact Stamps.com.

At Store Address section your store's address will be displayed. To configure it click "Edit Store Address" button at the top of the window.

If you would like to create Extended Log, please, check option "Write extended logs".

When you are done with the settings click "Shipping Management" at the top of the window to continue.

The next window is divided into two sections: Store Orders list on the left and Postage Label Info on the right.

At the top right corner of the window your account balance at Stamps.com will be displayed.

Use "Get Shipping Rates" button to retrieve all available variations of shipping rates (shipping methods), mail class and piece.

Once you're done, you can select one or several orders, change shipping rate (shipping method) assigned automatically and apply changes.

Use "Create Shipping Labels" button to generate shipping labels for all selected orders.

Finally, use "Print Shipping Labels" button to print shipping labels or save them to .pdf file.

If you need help or more information check Help pane:

If you would like to configure package weight, please, click right mouse button on the order and select "Change Package Weight":